The Basics of Teaching Artistry

The Basics of Teaching Artistry

Kadenze Academy

Many artists seek out opportunities to work with community groups and for a variety of purposes - artistic, political or social. In the US, Australia and South Korea these workers are commonly referred to as Teaching Artists, although around the world they may be known as community artists, community cultural development workers or artists pursuing a socially engaged practice through the participatory arts. This Program is for professional artists and creatives seeking to integrate their art form, perspectives, and skills into a wide range of settings such as schools, after school programs, community agencies, prisons, jails, and social service agencies.

Three leading international arts organisations have collaborated to design and deliver this entry-level program for those wishing to develop their practice as teaching artists. The four courses are sequenced in a structured way. After the Kadenze Academy introduces the basic principles of being a teaching artist, Lincoln Center Education in New York illustrates the skills that effective teaching artists need. Following this the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (Brisbane, Australia) introduces central issues to the way teaching artists engage and co-create with their audiences and communities and in the final course, the Sydney Opera House, (Sydney Australia) addresses ‘place’ as an enabling driver to develop teaching artist skills for creativity and learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Map the field of teaching artistry in order to engage artistically, effectively and ethically with diverse communities and cultures
  • Engage with and develop the core capabilities of the teaching artist, drawn from the proven practice of lead teaching artists
  • Re-frame and apply your artistic practice for community contexts through exchange, collaboration and co-creation


4 Courses
15 Sessions / 6.0 hours of work per session
115 Lesson videos
Course 1: Introduction to Being a Teaching Artist Starts in 4 days
  • Session 1: Introduction: What is a Teaching Artist?
  • Session 2: The Field of Teaching Artistry
  • Session 3: On Becoming a Teaching Artist
Course 2: The Work of Teaching Artists * Starts in 5 days
  • Session 1: Building Environments for Engagement
  • Session 2: Planning and Designing Workshop Experiences
  • Session 3: Integrating Inquiry and Reflective Practices
  • Session 4: Activating Artistry and LCE’s Work of Art Thread
Course 3: Teaching Artists, Audiences and Communities * Starts in 5 days
  • Session 1: Audiences and Communities
  • Session 2: Commission and Purpose
  • Session 3: Expanding Connections with Audiences and Communities
  • Session 4: Collaboration and Co-Creation
Course 4: The Places of Teaching Artistry * Starts in 4 days
  • Session 1: The Physical space
  • Session 2: Nooks and Crannies
  • Session 3: The Materials of Place
  • Session 4: Places and People in Time
* Program exclusive course

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