Our uniquely curated Programs will help you become a Specialist in a specific subject and develop the skills you need to transform your career or prepare you for your studies.

Premium membership is required to enroll in all programs.
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How it works

  • Complete the curriculum

    Unlock and complete all the courses and projects. For every completed course, you receive a verified Certificate of Accomplishment.

  • Pass the Summative Assessment

    Complete a final summative assessment to demonstrate your deep understanding of the subject.

  • Earn a Specialist Certificate

    After sufficiently completing the summative assessments, you earn a verified Specialist Certificate.

  • Can I receive academic credit through a program?

    When applicable, transferable academic credit is also earned with your Specialist Certificate.

Why join a Program?

Becoming a specialist in a subject requires a highly tuned learning experience connecting multiple related courses. Programs unlock exclusive content that helps you develop a deep understanding of your subject. From your first course to your final summative assessment, our thoughtfully curated curriculum enables you to demonstrate your newly acquired skills.

Program Benefits
Access an exclusive curriculum taught by expert instructors and industry leaders
Earn a verified Specialist Certificate with a unique shareable link
Submit and share coursework
Enroll in credit-eligible Programs and receive college credit (when applicable)
Receive grades and feedback
Build a portfolio to showcase your work
Participate in forum discussions
Receive exclusive discounts on select Program materials
Test your new specialty with a summative assessment
Collaborate with peers


"Whether you're preparing for college or supplementing your studies with extra units, many of our Programs also provide transferable academic credit that you can apply towards your degree."
"Today's workplace requires continous reinvention. Growing your skillset enables you to get the job you want—or even run things your way."
"Industry is led by innovators. Our project-based training lets you identify and develop the self-starters you need to get and stay ahead."
Yes, Premium Membership is required to join a Program.
Prices vary depending on a number of factors, including number of courses, length of program, etc. Please check an individual Program for its specific price.
The amount of time it takes to complete a Program depends on both your familiarity with the material and the length of the program. Check out any Program for info on the number of sessions, and the anticipated hours per session.
At no additional charge, some Programs offer academic credit which you'll receive immediately after successfully completing the Program. Contact the registrar of the offering institution for an official transcript.
A summative assessment synthesizes all that you learn over the course of a program. It may take a variety of forms, such as a large creative project. Each Program has its own unique summative assessment, designed by the instructor(s).
"A Specialist Certificate is awarded after successfully completing all courses in a Program and recognizes your achievements. They're shareable, and great for putting on your resume or CV." "Learn More"
Of course! Your completion of that course will count towards completion of the Program.
Programs often contain exclusive courses which are only available to learners enrolled in the Program.