Kadenze Academy
27200 Tourney Road
Valencia, California 91355
United States

Launched in 2015, Kadenze has become the recognized source for online education in art and creative technology, bringing together the world’s top academic institutions, professors, artists, and technologists. Academy broadens Kadenze’s partnership outreach and scope of courses offered, bringing the most relevant and in-demand topics, tools, and techniques to the platform, in cooperation with industrial partners and hand-selected leaders in diverse disciplines across the arts and creative technology.

Courses offered by Kadenze Academy

Kadenze Academy Instructors

Susmitha Rajan
Jason Allen
Richard sheehan
Amanda Morris
Lance Scaife-Elliott
Eric Booth
Gowri Savoor
Aislinn Ryan
Brad Haseman
Madeleine McGirk
Michael Darling
Jason Allen
Andrea McAlister
Anna Beth Rucker
Shana Kirk
Michaela Boros
Nilesh Thomas
Saurav Ghosh
Vyoma Shah
Sounak Saha
Craig Sale
Andrea McAlister
Nitin Amin
Gandhaar Amin
Craig Sale
Marc Evanstein
Lisa Harrison
Jackie Kauli
John Holyoke
Paul Makeham
Jackie Kauli
Linda Naiman
Brad Haseman
The Kadenze Team
John Tejada
Ronja Burve
Ronja Burve
Bruce Dawson
Harmony Jiroudek
Jackie Aldern
Sarah Reid
Jacob Penn
Mehreen Bazm
Dr Christiaan Willems