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General Info

Kadenze brings together educators, artists, and engineers from leading universities across the globe to provide a world-class education in the fields of art and creative technology.

Kadenze is pronounced kah-den-zay (kəˈdɛnzɛ).

Our name is the derived from the musical term, cadenza. In western music, a cadenza is an opportunity for artists to test their skills, their creativity, and their imaginations through improvisation.

Membership Info

There are two kinds of Kadenze accounts:

  • Free User: free for everyone
  • Premium Member: $20 USD per month

Premium Members may take selected credit eligible courses for a price of $300 USD per academic credit.*

*For our full billing policy, please refer to our billing page.

Premium Membership is not required to enroll in all courses. As a Free User, you are welcome to enroll in many of the courses Kadenze offers. You will be able to watch lecture videos and view forum discussions, but you will be unable to submit assignments, receive college credit (in credit eligible courses), or build a portfolio.

As a Premium Member, you gain access to the Kadenze Course Catalog, as well as full student privileges. This means that you will have top courses and resources from the world’s leading institutions at your fingertips.

As a Premium Member you can:

  • Enroll in unlimited courses
  • Receive official college credit on select courses
  • Receive grades and feedback
  • Ask questions and participate in forum discussions
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Build a portfolio to showcase your work
  • Display completed courses and accomplishments on your profile, your resume, or through professional online networks using a verified link
  • Submit and share assignments

You may downgrade your Premium Membership at any time. However, if you choose to do so during the middle of a billing cycle, your Premium Membership will continue until the end of that billing cycle. During that time, feel free to continue enjoying all the benefits of being a Premium Member.

If you cancel your Premium Membership while you are enrolled in a credit eligible course, you will forfeit your eligibility to earn credit for that course. Credit eligible enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Kadenze is unable to offer a refund on either Premium Memberships or credit eligible enrollment fees. If you think that your upgrade to a Premium Membership or enrollment in a credit eligible course is an error, please contact our Help Desk.
At the current time, Kadenze can only accept credit cards for payments.

Certification Info

Taking part in a credit eligible Kadenze course does not affirm that you have been enrolled or accepted for enrollment by the institution offering the course. Successfully completed credit eligible courses are recognized by the offering institution. The transfer of credits into or between institutions is at the sole discretion of the issuing and receiving institutions. Some institutions may require additional information from you in order to generate an official academic transcript.
Upon completion of a course, you will receive a Course Completion Record that details all of the course's learning outcomes (skills learned during that course).

Kadenze keeps track of all your accomplishments. This verified record will be sharable with employers and institutions outside of Kadenze along with your portfolio.

Kadenze also offers college credit for some courses. If you are curious about taking credit eligible courses, please see the FAQ on that topic above.

Account Info

If you forgot your password, visit and click the Forgot Password? link located just below the Username and Password fields on the Login screen. Next, enter your email address and click the Send Reset Instructions button.

An email containing your password reset instructions should arrive in your inbox shortly. Go to your email address and follow the instructions in the email to reset your password. If you don't see an email in your inbox, check your Junk and Spam folders just in case.

No problem. Follow the above instructions for resetting your password. Our system will only accept email addresses that have accounts associated with them. If you type in an email address that is not the one you used to sign up with Kadenze, our system will display an (!) Email Not Found notification. If this happens to you, then keep trying out your various email addresses until you find the one that our system recognizes. Then hit the Send Reset Instructions button, and go to your inbox to check for an email from us.

Moving Forward

At Kadenze, we believe creativity is the cornerstone of success across all fields. As we continue to grow we are committed to expanding our course catalog, forming new institutional partnerships, and improving the quality of the classes that we offer, making a creative education more accessible and attainable than ever before.
Whether our students are preparing for college, learning in their free time, or simply curious about the world, our goal is to teach the art and science of creativity at a price point that is affordable to everyone.

We are always looking for potential partners and instructors. If you are interested in working with Kadenze, contact us and we'll be happy to set up a meeting.

I like your virtual learning environment. Is there any way that I can use it at my institution or university?
Kadenze has a customizable learning management system known as Kannu. It is already being used in colleges, universities, high schools, nonprofits, and companies around the world. Contact us to find out more.
I’m a member of the media/press. How can I reach Kadenze?
We would love to talk to you. Get in touch with us here:
Is Kadenze hiring?
We’re always looking for great people to join our team. You can see our current openings here.

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