Output Teaches Creating Audio Plugins with C++ and JUCE

Output Teaches Creating Audio Plugins with C++ and JUCE

Kadenze Academy

Ever wanted to learn what goes into making creative music software? This Kadenze Academy Program, produced in partnership with leading audio software company Output, explores creative audio software development, and how to make your own audio plugins (VST/AudioUnit/AAX) ready for the studio and stage.

You’ll learn from Jacob Penn and Bruce Dawson - real software engineers who make innovative software and gear used by musicians, composers, producers and sound designers across all genres. Oh and they also make their own music as Mumukshu and Synchronometry, respectively.

Everything is taught in C++ and JUCE, the de facto language and framework used in nearly every major industry. Whether you’re interested writing audio software to launch a new career or for your own artistic practice, or you’re looking for an exciting way to learn object-oriented programming in C++, this Program will give you an inside look at how software is actually developed inside one of the industry’s leading plugin companies, and how to take your ideas from concept to finished product.

What students are saying:

" Thank you very much for everything! This is the first formal JUCE course I have ever seen and taking it cleared up many things. "

" Thanks so much for creating this course! It is one-of-a-kind and super helpful for those getting started with the JUCE framework and developing audio plugins. As a DSP Engineer with hopes of breaking into the plugin industry, being able to engage at this educational level with a company like Output is very valuable to me. "

Learning Outcomes

  • Fluency in the JUCE framework
  • Understanding of audio plugin architecture
  • Expertise in DSP and GUI programming in C++


2 Courses
8 Sessions / 6.0 hours of work per session
78 Lesson videos
Course 1: Intro to Audio Plugin Development Starts in 4 days
  • Session 1: Introduction to Audio Plugins & JUCE
  • Session 2: Parameters, Components & Listeners
  • Session 3: Delays, Circular Buffers & Interpolation
  • Session 4: Chorus, Modulators & Statefulness
Course 2: Advanced Audio Plugin Development * Starts in 4 days
  • Session 1: The Modular Approach to Digital Signal Processing
  • Session 2: Structured User Interface Design
  • Session 3: Designing Preset Management
  • Session 4: Icing on the Cake: Advanced User Interface Skinning and Customization
* Program exclusive course

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Skill Level : Intermediate

Prior Knowledge:

C++, Music DAWs & Plugins


JUCE Code Library


Semi-modern computer


Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Xcode, Visual Studio, or CodeBlocks

Upon completion you'll earn
  • A verified Specialist Certificate that prove you completed the Program and mastered the subject.*
  • A verified course Certificate for each individual course you complete in the program.*

* Each certificate earned is endorsed by Kadenze and the offering institution(s).

Price: $45 USD * ($500 USD)

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Specialist Certificate

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