Music Information Retrieval

Music Information Retrieval

University of Victoria

This program offers a comprehensive introduction to the emerging research area of Music Information Retrieval (MIR). Topics include techniques from signal processing, machine learning, information retrieval, human-computer interaction, and software engineering are applied in the design and development of MIR algorithms and systems. In this program you will gain an introduction to MIR, Audio Signal Processing, and Machine Learning, and will learn about audio feature extraction, content-based audio searching, automatic rhythmic analysis, and MIDI and symbolic MIR. Additional topics covered in this program include:

  • Genre, Emotion and Tag Classification
  • Music Transcription
  • Query by humming
  • Structural analysis of music
  • Audio programming
  • Audio fingerprinting and watermarking
  • Content and Context aware interfaces for music and audio

Please note: All courses in the Program are now active and available.

Learning Outcomes

Ability to critically read, understand, and implement algorithms and systems described in research publications at the International Conference of the Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) and other peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

Understanding of the wide diversity of evaluation metrics and methodologies required to develop effective music information retrieval software systems.

Ability to integrate interdisciplinary knowledge in the process of developing a non-trivial potentially collaborative project.



3 Courses
16 Sessions / 6.0 hours of work per session
116 Lesson videos
Course 1: Extracting Information From Music Signals Starts in 7 days
  • Session 1: Time, Frequency, and Sinusoids
  • Session 2: DFT and Time-Frequency Representations
  • Session 3: Monophonic Pitch Detection
  • Session 4: Audio Feature Extraction
  • Session 5: Rhythm Analysis
Course 2: Machine Learning for Music Information Retrieval * Starts on Apr 26, 2024
  • Session 1: Supervised Learning and Naive Bayes Classification
  • Session 2: Discriminative Classifiers
  • Session 3: Genre Classification
  • Session 4: Emotion Recognition and Regression
  • Session 5: Tags
  • Session 6: Music Visualization
Course 3: Music Retrieval Systems * Starts in 3 days
  • Session 1: Query Retrieval
  • Session 2: Polyphonic Alignment and Structure Segmentation
  • Session 3: Chord Detection and Cover Song Identification
  • Session 4: Transcription and Sound Source Separation
  • Session 5: Audio Fingerprinting and Watermarking
* Program exclusive course

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Skill Level : Advanced

Prior Knowledge

  • Good knowledge of programming, basic linear algebra, probability, and statistics.


  • Computer with installation privileges.


  • This program is mostly software agnostic but existing frameworks for MIR and audio will be used. All software will be freely available and typically also open source. Examples include: Audacity, Marsyas, Sonic Visualizer, and VAMP plugins.
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