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5 Sessions / 10 hours of work per session
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Music Theory, Piano, Notation, Sight-reading, Technique

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Starts Dec 15, 2017

Piano I: Introduction to the Piano & Staff

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Go at your own pace
5 Sessions / 10 hours of work per session
Included w/ premium membership ($20/month)
Skill Level
Video Transcripts
Music Theory, Piano, Notation, Sight-reading, Technique

Not available for purchase in India

Course Description

This course presents five sessions in which the student is introduced to playing the piano and reading music. Each session contains a video lecture presented by the Instructor, piano practice assignments and graded assignments that include a quiz about music terms, theory and/or ear training and a video assessment of the student playing selected piano technique and repertoire. The course also includes a graded assignment for two concert reviews, which can be completed at any time during the course, and a final exam in which the student will improvise a piece.


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Session 1: Introduction To Playing
Getting familiar with the basics and introducing your first technique and repertoire.
14 lessons
1. Introduction
2. Introduction to Playing
3. Posture and Hand Position
4. Finger Numbers
5. Black and White Keys
6. Instructor Demo: Amazing Grace
7. Note Values
8. Instructor Demo: Camptown Races
9. White Key Names
10. Intervals
11. 5 Finger Pattern in C
12. Instructor Demo: Merrily We Roll Along (Premium Exclusive)
13. Instructor Demo: Ode to Joy (Premium Exclusive)
14. Conclusion (Premium Exclusive)
Session 2: Orientation To The Staff
This session will cover the grand staff, note names, steps and skips, meter, articulation, pedals, and sight-reading.
16 lessons
1. Intro
2. G Five Finger Pattern
3. The Grand Staff
4. 4/4 vs 3/4 Meter
5. Yankee Doodle (Premium Exclusive)
6. Row, Row, Row, Your Boat
7. 3-Minute Technique
8. Pedals on the Piano
9. Clock Tower Bells (Premium Exclusive)
10. Steps vs Skips
11. Catch a Falling Star
12. Russian Folk Song
13. Legato vs Staccato
14. Midnight Ride (Premium Exclusive)
15. Sight-reading
16. Conclusion
Session 3: Reading Reinforcement
This session will cover reading skills, repertoire, improvisation, composition, five-finger patterns, and arpeggios.
10 lessons
1. Intro
2. F Five-Finger Pattern
3. C, G, and F Major Arpeggios
4. Study in 2nds
5. Chant of the Monk(s) (Premium Exclusive)
6. Composition Project (Premium Exclusive)
7. Shining Stars
8. Roman Trumpets
9. Improvisation
10. Conclusion (Premium Exclusive)
Session 4: More About Staff Reading
Synopsis Needed
8 lessons
1. Intro
2. Five-Finger Patterns and Arpeggios
3. Skips (3rds)
4. Camptown Races (Premium Exclusive)
5. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik (Premium Exclusive)
6. Half and Whole Rests
7. Royal Procession
8. Conclusion
Session 5: More Bass Clef Note Reading
Synopsis Needed
11 lessons
1. Intro
2. Chord Progressions
3. Bass Clef Melodies
4. Give My Regards To Broadway
5. Ode To Joy (Premium Exclusive)
6. Lightly Row
7. Staccato Vs Legato
8. Parallel and Contrary Motion
9. Surprise Symphony (Premium Exclusive)
10. Parallel and Contrary Motion
11. Conclusion (Premium Exclusive)
Learning Outcomes

Below you will find an overview of the Learning Outcomes you will achieve as you complete this course.

Instructors And Guests
What You Need to Take This Course
  • Materials:
    • Adult Piano Adventures: All-in-one Lesson Book 1 (2016), Faber, Nancy and Randall. ISBN: 978-1-61677-302-1
    • Acoustic Piano or 88-Key Electric Piano with Pedal (Weighted Key recommended)
    • Video Recorder
    • Internet connection (DSL, LAN, or cable connection desirable)
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