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Open for Enrollment

Creative Resilience: How To Flourish In The Face Of Life's Challenges

Open for Enrollment
You can also start immediately after joining!

Would you like to enroll?

Enrollment for this course has closed. But you can enroll in a future offering (please select)

Enrollment has closed

Go at your own pace
4 Sessions / 7 hours of work per session
Skill Level

Not available for purchase in India

Course Description

Is it time to elevate your resilience skills? 

In today's fast-paced world, how do we adapt and even thrive in a world of constant disruption?

Here's the good news: We have the power to not just survive but thrive in both our personal and professional lives. Setbacks and failures in life and work are inevitable, but it's how we handle them that truly matters. 

Our ground-breaking course introduces five essential building blocks that promote creative resilience, drawing from neuroscience, the science of human flourishing, as well as the arts and creativity.

This is not your typical self-help program.

It's a transformative journey into the heart of creativity, innovation, and personal empowerment.
Imagine a life where setbacks and challenges are not roadblocks but stepping stones to your success. Picture yourself armed with the creative tools to not just bounce back but to leap forward, finding ingenious solutions to life's complexities.

Our course is built on five core principles, merging cutting-edge neuroscience, the science of human flourishing, and the transformative power of the arts:

Learn how to navigate change with agility, optimism and resilience:

  • Discover Your Strengths: Uncover your five core character strengths that will boost your confidence and resilience.
  • Build Resilience: Explore the five key building blocks for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, all backed by cutting-edge neuroscience and the science of human flourishing.
  • Science-Backed Techniques: Dive into proven techniques from Positive Psychology to enhance your mental health and overall wellness.
  • Practical Practices: Benefit from field-tested practices that will help you develop mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • Stress Reduction: Learn techniques to de-stress and access alpha states that foster creative breakthroughs.
  • Art and Creativity: Develop your creative resilience through the power of art, creativity, and mindfulness.
  • Problem-Solving: Acquire creativity techniques that will empower you to reframe problems into opportunities.
  • Blueprint for Success: Create a personalized blueprint for your best life, guided by evidence-based strategies.
  • Community Support: Connect with fellow students on our forums.

By the end of this course, you'll have a practical, evidence-based toolkit of skills that will not only enhance your creative resilience but also empower you to thrive in any challenging situation.

But this journey is not one you'll embark on alone. Join our community of learners in monthly* live video calls. Connect, ask questions, and share your progress with like-minded individuals on a similar path to greatness.

What remarkable transformation awaits when you embrace creative solutions to life's challenges?

Join us on this empowering journey towards creative resilience and unlock your full potential.

*You have access to a minimum of four monthly calls while you take the course.
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Ask Linda Naiman about group rates and hybrid options.

Linda's deep knowledge base, direct approach and compassionate insights set me on a new path quickly and permanently. The techniques I learned from her continue to help me build resilience, creatively adapt to change, and be a successful leader in my life and work.

—Kim Ribich

Linda is passionate about encouraging creativity and has a wonderful portfolio of concepts and activities to facilitate exploration and discovery.

—Moses Sia

We asked Linda Naiman to conduct a creativity workshop at our global meeting for our Business Unit team of chemists, engineers and marketers, to inspire creative thinking, introduce idea generation methodologies, and develop a set of tangible ideas for new products and services. Linda offered us a challenging, unusual approach to creativity, which was highly valuable for me. We now have a set of principles and practices for fostering creativity and innovation that we are implementing at our Business Unit. I recommend Linda Naiman to companies looking for effective ways to cultivate creativity in their people.

—Andreas Fischer, Senior Vice President Customer Relations Management, Business Unit, High Performance Polymers, Degussa HPP

"Linda embodies the creative qualities she espouses in her work with others. She is a rare combination of someone who is both a practical professional and a reflective practitioner. She has proven to be an expert in enabling and mentoring creative competence in others at all levels of responsibility in organizations. She is a collaborative and supportive colleague who never wavers in her accountabilities and responsibilities. Her work has proven to be exemplary in diverse contexts and settings and will continue to grow in influence."

—Harold Nelson, President, Advanced Design Institute

This program helped me look inside myself and understand we just need to let our mind flow and with the help of art as a base for creativity we can go beyond our imagination. We are all artists in our own way. I plan to use the tools and processes [from the forum] at our organization’s strategic brainstorming sessions.

—Yandia Perez, Managing DirectorBaxter Pharmaceuticals Sales & Distribution Corp. PR

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This course is in adaptive mode and is open for enrollment. Learn more about adaptive courses here.

Session 1: Foundations of Flourishing (May 27, 2024)
The first session is focused on creating a foundation for self-discovery. Discover more about yourself through self-assessments and self-reflection activities based on Positive Psychology and Character Strengths  Introduction to Creative Resilience   Introduction to the science of flourishing based on Positive Psychology  Discover Your Strengths
10 lessons
1. Lesson 1 - Introduction to Creative Resilience
2. Lesson 2 - Journal Questions for Reflection
3. Lesson 3 - What is Resilience?
4. Lesson 4 - Introducing Positive Psychology and PERMA
5. Lesson 5 - A Deeper Dive into Positive Psychology and PERMA
6. Lesson 6 - Introducing VIA Character Strengths
7. Lesson 7 - A Deeper Dive into VIA Character Strengths and Virtues
8. Lesson 8 - Discover Your Strengths
9. Lesson 9 - Playing with Strengths
10. Giving Feedback.pdf
Session 2: Building Your Reservoir of Resilience with PERMA (June 3, 2024)
This session focuses on ways to de-stress calm down and find inner peace. These include meditation, breathwork, mindfulness practices, and even forest bathing.  Build your resilience muscles  Cultivating positive emotions  Re-framing obstacles into opportunities  De-stress techniques via breathwork  Heart connection meditations
10 lessons
1. Lesson 1 - Introduction to PERMA practices
2. Lesson 2 - Building PermaRev
3. Lesson 3 - Appreciation _ Gratitude practices.pdf
4. Lesson 4 - "What-Went-Well" Exercise
5. Lesson 5 - Cultivating Forgiveness
6. Lesson 6 - Reframing Using the ABCDE Model
7. Lesson 7 - Alternate Nostril Meditation
8. Lesson 8 - Heartmath Meditation
9. Lesson 9 - Loving Kindness Meditation Practice
10. Lesson 10 - Take a Forest Bath
Session 3: Art and Creativity (June 10, 2024)
This session explores how resilience and well-being can be developed through creative practices, including art, storytelling, meaning-making and mindfulness. How to find the silver lining in any obstacle and reframe problems into opportunities. How to achieve flow states through art, nature and mindfulness exercises to access inspiration  Introduction to creative practice   Storytelling from Hero’s Journey to Artist’s journey  Experience the Healing Power of Art  Finding meaning through art  Savouring and the fine art of noticing  Embark on a Haiku Walkabout  How to find a creative breakthrough  Connecting the dots
14 lessons
1. Lesson 1 - Introduction to Creative Practice
2. Lesson 2 - Introducing the Hero’s Journey
3. Lesson 3 - Writing your Hero's Journey Story
4. Lesson 4 - From Hero’s Journey to Artist’s Journey
5. Lesson 5 - Escape to a Museum and Experience the Healing Power of Art
6. Lesson 6 - Write a Poem in Response to Art
7. Lesson 7 - Finding Meaning Via Art-Image-Making
8. Lesson 8 - Savouring - The Fine Art of Noticing
9. Lesson 9 - Synaesthesia to Amplify Your Senses
10. Lesson 10 - Embark on a Haiku Walkabout
11. Lesson 11 - On the Importance of Drawing
12. Lesson 12 - How to Find a Creative Breakthrough
13. Lesson 13 - Always be Connecting the Dots
14. Giving Feedback.pdf
Session 4: Creating Your Best Life (June 17, 2024)
In this session, you will envision your ideal future, synthesize the insights and discoveries you have gained on your learning journey, and create a plan of action.  Envision your ideal future: Finding meaning and purpose and living your values  Create a blueprint for living your ideal life and map out your pathway for taking action  Create a plan for weaving creative resilience into your daily life
6 lessons
1. Lesson 1 - Synthesizing
2. Lesson 2 - Fill Your Resilience Reservoir
3. Lesson 3 - Guided Meditation Voiceover
4. Lesson 4 - Create a Vision Map
5. Lesson 5 - Closing
6. Giving Feedback.pdf
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Learning Outcomes

Below you will find an overview of the Learning Outcomes you will achieve as you complete this course.

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What You Need to Take This Course
Suggested art materials:
  • Mixed-media sketchpad suggested size 11x14
  • Your choice of paint: watercolours, tempera, or acrylic sets. The most economical paint is a children’s watercolour set of eight colours.
  • Multi-purpose paint brushes including a 3/4" flat brush and a #4 round if larger brushes are not included in your paint set. (Nylon brush sets for students are inexpensive)
  • Pencils for drawing, such as HB, 4B, and 6B.
  • Collage materials: cardboard, box cutters or scissors, glue, and assorted materials such as photos, magazine cutouts, greeting cards, newspaper etc
  • Clay or Fimo
  • Camera
  • If you prefer to work digitally, you are welcome to create artwork on your favourite painting app.
  • Sketchbook by Autodesk is simple and free. ( I use Procreate for iPad and it has a bit of a learning curve.)
Additional Information
Who is the course for?

Anyone who wants to level up their creative resilience skills, including:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists
  • Professionals

Ask Linda Naiman about a hybrid option for teams that includes live calls geared towards elevating team performance.