Style and Strategy in French Fashion

Style and Strategy in French Fashion

Paris College of Art

This 8-session survey program covers the main designers in French Fashion from the 1950s to today, focusing closely on one iconic creative individual for each decade. Their work is discussed in light of the cultural and political context of the time, which students learn about through assigned readings and discussions. In addition to learning about specific designers and key sartorial techniques and trends, students learn about the main phenomena in the fashion business for each decade.

The first session will be devoted to the 1950s and the beginning of post-war changes in dress codes for both men and women. Pierre Cardin is the featured designer. The second session will be devoted to the 1960s and the culture of youth that it brought about. Yves Saint Laurent is the featured designer. The third session is devoted to the 1970s and the hippie and punk movements. The fourth session covers the 1980s culture of power, money, and excess with Jean Charles de Castelbajac as the highlighted designer. The fifth session focuses on the 1990s, globalization, and the designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. The sixth session highlights the changes in business models and the arrival of large conglomerates at the beginning of the century. “Les Etrangers” (the foreigners) are the featured designers. The 7th session features Christian Louboutin as a designer of the 21st century, with the emergency of accessories as ‘must-have’ it items and social markers. The program ends with a look ahead at what's to come in the fashion industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to correctly attribute garments and iconic designs to their designer and timeline
  • Understanding of various sewing and draping techniques
  • Understanding of how to compile relevant primary sources and conduct thorough research in the field of fashion


2 Courses
8 Sessions / 12.0 hours of work per session
60 Lesson videos
Course 1: Cardin to Castelbajac: Style in French Fashion Starts in 7 days
  • Session 1: 1950s and Pierre Cardin
  • Session 2: 1960s and Yves Saint Laurent
  • Session 3: 1970s and Kenzo (Takada)
  • Session 4: 1980s and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
Course 2: Gaultier to Louboutin: Style & Strategy in French Fashion * Starts in 7 days
  • Session 1: 1990's and Jean-Paul Gaultier
  • Session 2: 2000's and The Anglophones
  • Session 3: 2010's and the Rise of Luxury
  • Session 4: A Look Ahead
* Program exclusive course

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  • Software: Microsoft Office Suite (Powerpoint, Adobe Reader)
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