Photographer to Video in Today’s Gig Economy

Photographer to Video in Today’s Gig Economy

School of Visual Arts

Today's gig economy demands that creatives draw from a wide range of knowledge and frequently adapt to new tools and workflows. Having a strong foundation in photography is a good start, but having solid video production skills will expand the number and kind of jobs you can be hired for. Photographer to Video in Today’s Gig Economy provides five courses to give today’s digital photographer a working knowledge of video as well as projects to extend your portfolio. Starting with Camera Essentials, you will gain an understanding of the camera settings and gear that is used in professional DSLR and mirrorless video production. The second course, Working with Motion and Time is a deep dive from photography to videography and shows you how to think in motion, add motion where there is none, and control focus, light and sound. Sound Essentials is the third course and, as the name suggests, covers an entirely new dimension that can make or break your video work. Next, the Fundamentals of Video Production course will get you ready for your first shoot covering everything from storyboarding to managing the crew, location and lighting. Finally, in Fundamentals of Video Post-Production you will jump into the art of editing your work.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to tell stories through video from the perspective of a photographer
  • Ability to interview subjects and shoot a documentary-style video
  • Gain knowledge of preparing for and managing a successful video shoot by consistently controlling elements such as light and sound
  • Plan and execute editing your own video work with efficient management of your assets


5 Courses
23 Sessions / 6.0 hours of work per session
209 Lesson videos
Course 1: Working with Motion & Time Starts in 6 days
  • Session 1: From Still Photographer to Videographer
  • Session 2: Recording and Seeing in Motion
  • Session 3: Motion Methods
  • Session 4: Managing Focus, Light and Sound
  • Session 5: The Documentary Project
Course 2: Camera Essentials Starts in 6 days
  • Session 1: Exploring Lens and Settings
  • Session 2: Tools for Managing Light and Motion
  • Session 3: Navigating Video Editing Software
Course 3: Sound Essentials * Starts in 6 days
  • Session 1: The Importance & Emotion of Sound
  • Session 2: Ambient Sound, Soundtracks and Music
  • Session 3: Microphones, Mixers and PreAmps
  • Session 4: Capturing & Syncing Sound
  • Session 5: Project: The Interview
Course 4: Fundamentals of Video Production * Starts in 6 days
  • Session 1: Pre-Production: Strategy
  • Session 2: Pre-Production: Field Work
  • Session 3: Production: Storytelling
  • Session 4: Production: Camerawork
  • Session 5: Production: Gear
Course 5: Fundamentals of Post-Production * Starts in 7 days
  • Session 1: Key Considerations
  • Session 2: Workflow
  • Session 3: Editing
  • Session 4: Color
  • Session 5: Sound & Marketing
* Program exclusive course

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Skill Level : Intermediate
  • A foundation of knowledge about and experience shooting digital photography.
  • Equipment & Materials: TBD
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  • A verified course Certificate for each individual course you complete in the program.*

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Price: $900 USD *

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