Money Matters for Creative Entrepreneurs

Money Matters for Creative Entrepreneurs

Columbus College of Art & Design

Understanding the intersection between money management and creative fulfillment is paramount to building a sustainable creative career, and this course is designed to help students build and use financial tools to forge their own paths.

The first course covers goal setting, strategic planning for creative careers, and budgeting (because really, a budget is simply a way to quantify our goals). The second course is all about financial reporting and the metrics we manage to answer the question, “How are we really doing?” It is by refining these reporting systems and metrics that we figure out how to spend less time on the money part and more time on the creative part.

Lastly, the third course covers taxes. With particular emphasis on tax overview and deductions common to creative entrepreneurs, this third course is all about practical tax nuances you may not have learned… yet. It will also cover sales tax and record keeping, connecting such requirements to our overall financial systems.

By mastering these tools, you’ll be empowered to create financial systems, evaluate financial information, and manage your tax obligations… all in service of your creativity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create financial systems based on financial literacy that connect budgeting and reporting to creative and professional goals
  • Evaluate financial information to determine primary funding sources, major expense categories, tax reporting obligations, and overall connection to creative and professional goals
  • Describe U.S. income and sales tax obligations for creative professionals


3 Courses
12 Sessions / 12.0 hours of work per session
94 Lesson videos
Course 1: Financial Planning for Creative Careers Starts Aug 8, 2017
  • Session 1: Building a Creative Portfolio Career
  • Session 2: So You’ve Got this XLS…
  • Session 3: Budgeting Basics
  • Session 4: Budgeting Analysis
Course 2: Financial Systems for a Successful Studio * Starts Oct 3, 2017
  • Session 1: The Budget Becomes Real
  • Session 2: Managing Cash Movement
  • Session 3: Snapshot of Financial Health
  • Session 4: Protecting What You Have
Course 3: Tax Basics for Creative Entrepreneurs * Starts Mar 13, 2018
  • Session 1: Tax Overview
  • Session 2: Schedule C Overview
  • Session 3: Sales Tax Obligations
  • Session 4: Recordkeeping for Taxes
* Program exclusive course

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Skill Level : Beginner
  • Equipment: A computer with a database software system (XLS is preferred, but Numbers or another open-source system will work)
  • An open mind
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