Creating for Mixed Reality

Creating for Mixed Reality

Pacific Northwest College of Art

Creating for Mixed Reality explores the current landscape of augmented, mixed and virtual reality (commonly referred to as AR, MR, and VR) and how to create for these environments. Through hands-on projects you will learn and build experiences in the Unity game engine, with the understanding that the tools and practices we are exploring are evolving quickly. Our research will involve critical reflection on film and writings - examining connections between the aesthetic and cultural concerns of the mixed reality spectrum to more established media. Together we’ll map out the different experience paradigms and AR/MR/VR hardware interfaces, guided by interviews with an inspiring mix of creative practitioners and industry professionals.

Developments in the fields of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are moving faster than ever. Whereas other programs online might emphasize acquiring specific tools or platforms that will quickly be outdated, this program focuses primarily on providing a strong conceptual and theoretical foundation, on which artistic experimentation and exploration can be made over the entirety of your career.

The overarching goal of this program is to make these fields accessible to a wide audience. The material is designed to challenge your thinking and perception, and aims to provide you with the confidence, inspiration, and skills to navigate the methods and technology involved in creating for mixed reality - both today, and tomorrow.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the difference between augmented, mixed, and virtual reality
  • Understanding the array and applications of disciplines, tools, and pipelines involved in creating for mixed reality
  • Connecting artistic practice, aesthetics, theory, and cultural context to creating for mixed reality


3 Courses
12 Sessions / 12.0 hours of work per session
89 Lesson videos
Course 1: Exploring the Mixed Reality Landscape Starts in 4 days
  • Session 1: Introduction to Mixed Reality
  • Session 2: Hacking Reality: Rendering Space + Unity Basics
  • Session 3: Perspectives from Philosophy and Psychology
  • Session 4: Inspiration: Deconstructing Today's Experiences
Course 2: Creating and Capturing Mixed Reality * Starts in 4 days
  • Session 1: Exploring Foundational Tools
  • Session 2: Approaches to Workflow
  • Session 3: Perspectives from Architecture and Social Philosophy
  • Session 4: Inspirations for Worldbuilding
Course 3: Designing for Mixed Reality * Starts in 4 days
  • Session 1: Intro + Creating Interactive Narratives
  • Session 2: Mixed Reality as Participatory Art
  • Session 3: Hololens Heroes: Deconstructing a Mixed Reality Experience
  • Session 4: Where Does This Go Next?
* Program exclusive course

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Skill Level : Intermediate
  • Equipment (optional): Windows 10 PC (2015 or later), Oculus Rift CV1
  • Software: Unity (free version)
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  • A verified course Certificate for each individual course you complete in the program.*
  • 3.0 transferable academic college credit(s) (additional fees apply)

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Credit Eligible

3.0 units
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