Wesleyan University
45 Wyllys Avenue,
Middletown,, CT 06459, USA
(860) 685-2000

Wesleyan University, founded in 1831, is a diverse, energetic liberal arts community where critical
thinking and practical idealism go hand in hand. 

Our student body of approximately 3,000 undergraduate and 200 graduate students is housed on a
beautiful 316-acre historic New England campus that offers the comfort of an intimate and
collaborative learning environment supported by renowned faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and unique
research opportunities.

With our distinctive scholar-teacher culture, creative programming, and commitment to
interdisciplinary learning, Wesleyan challenges students to explore new ideas and change the world.
Our graduates go on to lead and innovate in a wide variety of industries, including government,
business, entertainment, and science.

Courses offered by Wesleyan University

Lisa Dierker

Lisa Dierker is the Walter Crowell University Professor of Social Sciences at Wesleyan University. With an intense love of learning she designs and teaches project-based courses aimed at introducing a wide and diverse audience to the skills needed to ask and answer challenging and important questions. She is drawn to stunning acts of communication and works to create classroom cultures (both in person and virtual) where collective wisdom and curiosity provides the spark for transformative learning.