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Berklee College of Music
Music, Music Technology
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Composition, Native Instruments, Sampling, Kontakt, DAW
Course Description

This four-session course explores a practical approach to composing and producing music with Native Instruments Kontakt. We will cover the most important technical and aesthetic aspects of creating music with the industry-standard Kontakt sampler. Weekly assignments will give you practical experience in putting these technical skills in a musical context. Topics include Kontakt library, signal flow, layering, working with drums, building custom sampled instruments, file management, modulation, audio FX, automation, and DAW integration. At the end of this course, you will have created four original compositions with Kontakt, in addition to numerous custom sampled instruments.


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Session 1: Using the Kontakt interface and factory library
Compose original music using Kontakt library patches within a Digital Audio Workstation.
Session 2: Creating custom single-sample instruments
Compose original music with numerous instruments built from a single sample.
Session 3: Creating custom multi-sampled instruments
Compose original music with custom multi-sampled instruments.
Session 4: Using advanced modulation and scripting
Create a piece of music using advanced sampling techniques and build a custom performance view for an original Kontakt instrument.
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Learning Outcomes

Below you will find an overview of the Learning Outcomes you will achieve as you complete this course.

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What You Need to Take This Course

Equipment: Computer, a DAW, which must be able to host Kontakt as a plugin (AAX, AU, VST), and a MIDI keyboard which will need to work with the DAW to control Kontakt. A simple keyboard with Modwheel and Pitchbend.

Software: Kontakt (recent version). Please refer to course resources for more information.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge: Basic DAW production skills are recommended: Recording audio and MIDI, editing Audio and MIDI, automation of volume and FX parameters, exporting audio.

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