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Session 5: New Frontiers and Innovations in Museum Education

Contemporary Museum Education
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New Frontiers and Innovations in Museum Education
New Frontiers and Innovations in Museum Education

New museum education and the future potential of museum education in the cultural ecosystem


5.2 New Audiences and Community Programs:

1) What are the barriers and how could the museum be relevant to people who don’t go to museums and/or are not aware of museum roles/offerings?

5.6 A New Adventure: New Concepts and New Frameworks:

2) What innovations can you think of? What innovations would you like to spur in the museum, or in the overall cultural ecosystem that would include museum education?

Discuss Assignment #4:

3) Share some thoughts on creating the Final GLEx.

4) Try implementing your Final GLEx with an individual or group in a museum, and share your thoughts on how it went! (Make sure you take all the necessary steps, including contacting the museum to see if you are allowed to lead a group.)

OPTIONAL: After-Course Recommendations and Reflections

See optional assignment. Feel free to share a "Mini-Manifesto" on museum innovation, and any recommendations/reflections you come across after completing the course.

OPTIONAL: Exit Survey

See survey attached to this session. Please tell us about your experience in this course.

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