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5 Sessions / 6 hours of work per session
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Skill Level
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English, Spanish; Castilian, Chinese, Portuguese
Product Management, Program Management, User Experience, Software Engineering, Music Technology Industry

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Starts Nov 8, 2016

Careers in Media Technology

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Would you like to enroll?

Enrollment for this course has closed. But you can enroll in a future offering (please select)

Enrollment has closed

Go at your own pace
5 Sessions / 6 hours of work per session
Included w/ premium membership ($20/month)
Skill Level
Video Transcripts
English, Spanish; Castilian, Chinese, Portuguese
Product Management, Program Management, User Experience, Software Engineering, Music Technology Industry

Not available for purchase in India

Course Description

Explore how leading audio, music, and video technology companies bring products from idea to market, and discover your career options in the industry! In five 30- to 60-minute sessions, you’ll gain insight into daily life at companies such as Adobe, Universal Audio, iZotope, and more. Learn from professionals who design, engineer, manage, and market leading creative technologies. Examine best practices and responsibilities of various industry roles. Hiring managers will share secrets in navigating the hiring process. And, get your questions answered by our mentor network of creative tech experts and entrepreneurs, who will be online to offer advice in AMA’s and one-on-one office hours.

Continue learning about the creative technology industry in our companion course, Inside the Music and Video Technology Industry.


This course is in adaptive mode and starts Nov 8, 2016. Learn more about adaptive courses here.

Session 1: Overview
This session takes you behind-the-scenes into how the media technology industry really works. We’ll provide a high-level overview of the media technology industry - focusing on the music technology space! We introduce a variety of roles in industry and explore the types of companies available for your future careers.
9 lessons
1. Introduction
2. Course Overview
3. How will you plug-in?
4. Jay's Story: Gaining job experience and networking
5. Market Size
6. Roles in Technology Companies
7. Discussion Forum Networking and Assignments
8. Overview of the Media Technology Industry
9. Summary
Session 2: Product Management
We'll look at how media technology companies develop products that consumers love. How do they determine what new products to develop? Or what the new features are? Who makes those decisions? And how do I get to be that person!
14 lessons
1. Overview
2. Who's the Boss
3. User Stories
4. Product Teams
5. Session Overview
6. Hart Schafer
7. Hart Shafer's Career Path
8. What is a Product Manager? What is a Product Owner?
9. The Beginning of a Project
10. Customer Discovery and 3 types of essential thinking
11. Product Gurus, Mini CEOs and Supporting your Team as a PM
12. Shipping the product, Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
13. Why a 2 year old has great Product Manager instincts
14. Product Manager Wrap-up
Session 3: Program Management
Program management is the secret to helping you deliver on time, on budget, in a scalable, repeatable manner! We'll introduce the Agile methodologies used to help companies like Adobe coordinate a product release with over 1,000 team members and millions of lines of code. Students will learn the key traits of a program manager or scrum master.
20 lessons
1. Overview
2. Waterfall development and a short introduction to agile development
3. The Scrum Process Artifacts Rituals and Roles
4. Meetings: Sprint meetings, standups, planning and retrospectives
5. Does scrum introduce too many meetings
6. The Scrum Team
7. Case Study: iZotope RX4
8. iZotope RX 4 - Product Video
9. The ideation of iZotope RX 4 and the benefits of an iterative development cycle
10. How to be agile but predictable
11. Product line planning release plans and sprint plans
12. How agile can help teams release in the face of great uncertainty
13. What is a scrum master
14. What tools does a scrum master use in their day to day work
15. Is being a musician required to be in the music tech industry
16. Musician to program management: Peter Green's career path
17. What do program managers look for when hiring
18. Closing remarks: The creative and knowledge worker economy
19. Closing remarks: Vacuum cleaner sales and a brief career retrospective
20. Wrap-up
Session 4: User Experience
With computing everywhere we go - smart phones, tablets, browser and cloud, desktop, and hardware - product design is everywhere we look. We explore how designers approach the layout, look and feel, and implementation of some of your favorite mobile apps and software. Our mentors provide advice on getting jobs in this competitive space!
18 lessons
1. Overview
2. User story and Design
3. How does a product designer fit into the organization
4. What are the deliverables of a product design to their product teams
5. Smule
6. Smule | Sing! Karaoke App
7. The Creation of Smule's Sing app 1
8. How do you know when the product is right
9. Designers their egos and ensuring that your work is on the mark
10. How do you know when you are done with a design
11. iZotope RX 4 Overview
12. Why refresh a user interface, What's the Value
13. What tools does a Product Designer use
14. Communicating and presenting design options
15. How do I break into the industry
16. Should a designer have a portfolio
17. Career Advice and a product designer's portfolio
18. Wrap-up
Session 5: Software Engineering
Applications like Pro Tools and iZotope RX are used by professionals all around the world - and they need to be easy to use and almost crash-proof. How do software engineers manage millions of lines of code, written over 10 years, with dozens of engineers continuously modifying, updating, and creating new functionality across Windows, OS X, about 10 plug-in formats? We conclude by offering advice for aspiring software engineers.
15 lessons
1. Overview
2. Intro to Craig Hanson
3. Craig's Career Path
4. Academic versus commercial projects
5. Intro to Dave Tremblay
6. Dave Tremblay's career path
7. New software engineering orientation
8. Entry level software engineers
9. Features, user stories, tasks and sprints
10. Collaboration in software engineering
11. Daily development for SW engineers
12. How do you demonstrate 1-3 years of job experience?
13. Software engineering roles (including internships!)
14. The value of networking
15. Session wrapup
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Learning Outcomes

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What You Need to Take This Course

This course is intended for all learners considering full-time positions or internships in the media technology industry. No prior engineering background required. Topics include: Introduction to the music and media technology industry, Product Management, Program Management, User Experience and Software Engineering.

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Why Careers in Media Technology?

There is a huge chasm between learners and industry.

Careers in Media Technology educates learners on the roles and needs of the music, audio, and video technology industry, in preparation for upcoming internships and full-time jobs.

We bring exposure, raise awareness, and allow learners to explore and better connect to industry.

Join us to meet the people, teams, departments, roles, and skills behind how leading companies, and to explore how products really go from ideation through mass commercialization.

In partnership with dozens of companies and industry mentors, we are breaking down how some of the great products were made, how these companies operate, and the roles and skills involved. Join us on this adventure - meet and interact with the leading companies in the media technology industry.