Omar Costa Hamido
has successfully completed an online offering of
Intro to Audio Plugin Development
Taught by
Jacob Penn
Estimated Effort: 40 hours
Issued: November 21, 2019

Learning Outcomes

Fundamentals of Audio Plugin Development

  • Ability to create audio plugins in C++ and JUCE from setting up your first project, to implementing various DSP, to recalling your settings when you open a saved project.
  • Understanding of plugin architecture for audio effects and synthesis plugins.
  • Best practices and industry tips, tricks, and secrets.

User Interfaces, Parameters, and Modulation

  • Ability to create Graphical User Interfaces for user interaction
  • Ability to create plugins with fully automatable sound parameters

Audio Effects and DSP

  • Ability to implement digital signal processing and audio effects like delays, flangers, and chorus.
  • Ability to apply modulation to parameters and DSP.