Vincentius Madya
has successfully completed an online offering of
The Nature of Code
Taught by
Daniel Shiffman
Estimated Effort: 30 hours
Issued: April 17, 2020

Learning Outcomes

Vectors & Physics Engines

  • Familiarity with basic 2D and 3D vector math: add, subtract, scale, magnitude, normalize
  • Understanding of position, velocity, and acceleration
  • Understanding of Newton’s laws of motion: Force = Mass × Acceleration
  • Ability to apply “Euler integration” and create a simple physics engine

Steering Behaviors

  • Understanding of steering force formula
  • Ability to build an animated system where objects move around screen according to multiple rules of behavior
  • Understanding of the concept of a complex system

Fractals & Genetic Algorithms

  • Understanding of recursion and how it is applied in code
  • Ability to generate and design fractal patterns using code
  • Familiarity with key principles of Darwinian evolution: variation, selection, heredity
  • Understanding of formal genetic algorithm for search problems
  • Ability to apply evolution creatively in interactive, computational system