Ivan Lendiel
has successfully completed an online offering of
Web Development and Design using Wordpress
Taught by
Spencer Salazar
Estimated Effort: 48 hours
Issued: February 9, 2017

Learning Outcomes

Web Development

• Understanding of the basic mechanics of the Web.
• Ability to create and manage a domain name and hosting website.
• Understanding of Web languages like HTML, CSS, and PHP.
• Ability to install, configure, and maintain content management tools.

Web Design

• Understanding of basic principles of design.
• Ability in high-level layout of Web pages.
• Understanding of how to use design parameters such as grids, hierarchy, color, type, size, and contrast.
• Familiarity with major contemporary design trends.

Advanced Web Techniques

• Ability to install and customize content themes.
• Ability to set up basic website security
• Understanding of how to use plugins for social media integration, analytics, and other features.
• Advanced Web development skills to add flair and professionalism to your site