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Creating for Mixed Reality
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4 Sessions / 13 hours of work per session
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Animation, Architecture, Mixed Reality, Unity, Game Design, Interaction Design
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Creating and Capturing Mixed Reality

Starts in 4 days
This exclusive course is part of the program:

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Go at your own pace
4 Sessions / 13 hours of work per session
Included w/ premium membership ($20/month)
Skill Level
Video Transcripts
Animation, Architecture, Mixed Reality, Unity, Game Design, Interaction Design
Course Description

Creating for Mixed Reality involves a variety of disciplines and tools that need to be brought together into a single pipeline. Rarely does one person contain the experience to do everything to satisfaction, it takes a village. In this course we will investigate the wide array of disciplines (architecture, vfx, animation, game design, interaction design, character design) and look at different approaches to creating content including shortcuts to achieve a more lifelike experience with less effort.


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Session 1: Exploring Foundational Tools (December 10, 2019)
This session will cover the wide array of disciplines and tools used to make content for mixed reality.
12 lessons
1. Course Introduction & Creative Pipeline Overview
2. Concepting, Modeling, Animation
3. Visual Effects, Coding, Sound Design
4. Testing & Deploying
5. It Takes A Village: Perspectives From Practitioners
6. Foundations of 3D Rendering
7. Geometry: Google Blocks & Unity Meshes
8. Lighting: Adding Dimension & Atmosphere in Unity
9. Physics: Particle Systems in Unity
10. Animation: Keyframing Properties in Unity
11. Audio: Spatializing Sound in Unity
12. Outro
Session 2: Approaches to Workflow (December 17, 2019)
This session will cover different approaches in creating mixed reality assets and exploring various ways to capture the physical world with 360 video, motion capture to photogrammetry.
8 lessons
1. Introduction & Perspectives on Workflow
2. Creating for VR in VR: Unity + Poly, Sketchfab, and Tiltbrush
3. Creating for VR in VR: Medium, Quil, Sketchbox
4. Matte Painting in Mixed Reality
5. Motion Capture to VR: Kinect, Unity
6. Photogrammetry: Capturing the Physical World
7. Volumetric Capture to VR: Kinect, Brekel Pro, Unity
8. Outro
Session 3: Perspectives from Architecture and Social Philosophy (December 24, 2019)
This session examines how the fields of Modernist architecture and industrial design think about space and objects. We'll review specific architects and industrial designers and explore why what we create looks the way it does.
8 lessons
1. Evolving Aesthetics and Modernist Architecture
2. De Stijl
3. Bauhaus
4. Brutalism and Social Ideology
5. Contemporary Aesthetics: Zero Days VR
6. Media Architecture: Archive Dreaming
7. Building on Historical Context: House of Shadows of Silence
8. Outro
Session 4: Inspirations for Worldbuilding (December 31, 2019)
This session covers different examples of mixed reality environments. We'll discuss ways to think about the “worlds” or “scenes” we want to create and what we can do to enrich those mixed reality experiences.
11 lessons
1. Introduction
2. Zero Days VR Demo
3. Bladerunner VR Demo
4. Dear Angelica VR Demo
5. Luna VR Demo
6. Gnomes and Goblins VR Demo
7. Chroma VR Demo
8. Google Lightfield Demo
9. Weird Type Demo
10. Euclidean Lands Demo
11. Outro
Learning Outcomes

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Instructors & Guests
What You Need to Take This Course
  • Equipment (optional): Windows 10 PC (2015 or later), Oculus Rift CV1
  • Software: Unity (free version)
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