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Session 3: Expansion and Transformation of the Gallery Learning Experience (GLEx)

Contemporary Museum Education
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Expansion and Transformation of the Gallery Learning Experience (GLEx)
Expansion and Transformation of the Gallery Learning Experience (GLEx)

Variations on the Gallery Learning Experience and Critical Education Practice in the Museum


3.3 Learning for the Unguided Visitor:

1) What can museums do to facilitate more engaging self-guided learning experiences?

3.5 Discussing An Ancient Portrait at the Brooklyn Museum:

2) As we look at the piece at the Brooklyn Museum, follow along and:

a) Think about your own reactions to the work.

b) Think about how Monica engages me and the viewer differently in observation, description, interpretation, and how and when she shares the information.

c) Extrapolate on how we can think about museum-goers creating their own learning experiences when visiting without guides or educators.

3.7 Museographic Practices and Critical Problematics:

3) Think of a particular gallery in a particular museum you visit (or will visit for this exercise). How would you rearrange works within that gallery? Which works from the same era would you integrate, and what existing works would you exclude and why? How else would you change the contents of the gallery and based on what principles or arguments?

Discuss Assignment #3:

4) Share some thoughts on creating the Mini GLEx.

5) Try implementing your Mini GLEx with an individual or group in a museum, and share your thoughts on how it went! (Make sure you take all the necessary steps, including contacting the museum to see if you are allowed to lead a group.)

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