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Session 4: Beyond Teaching and the Museum Education Environment

Contemporary Museum Education
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Beyond Teaching and the Museum Education Environment
Beyond Teaching and the Museum Education Environment

Designing Creative Programs, Projects and Spaces and Connecting to Curation and the Contemporary Gallery


4.3 Education and the Contemporary Gallery:

1) As we’ve seen with our discussions with Nick and Monica and Ed (and as we can surely experience in our visits to museums and galleries), there are notable differences between the missions, functions and audiences of museums and contemporary art galleries. How do you think education and learning in one space could inform education and learning in the other? What do you think the biggest challenges are for each, and the biggest opportunities when it comes to learning, given their missions?

4.4 Educational Material + Resources + Spaces:

2) Share your experiences and reflections on the activities. If you try leading the visual descriptions activity (optional), include drawing and work that your group produced!

4.5 Conversations with Former Students:

3) What kind of future do you see for yourself in and/or with museum education or museums in general? How will you direct your interests, passions, and expertise relative to work in and/or with museums?

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