Omar Costa Hamido
has successfully completed an online offering of
Real-Time Audio Signal Processing in Faust
Taught by
Romain Michon, Yann Orlarey, Chris Chafe, & Julius Smith
of Stanford University
Estimated Effort: 60 hours
Issued: July 20, 2019

Learning Outcomes

Real-Time Signal Processing

  • Ability to implement any time-domain DSP algorithm with Faust
  • Intuitive understanding of these algorithms

Faust Programming

  • Mastery of the Faust programming language and its libraries
  • Ability to generate DSP code for various languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, LLVM bitcode, WebAssembly, etc.

Faust Architecture

  • Mastery of Faust’s architecture system in building audio DSP engines, plug-ins, mobile/web apps, and standalones
  • Ability to integrate Faust-generated DSP engines to other software environments